Spring and Yoga in the Tucson Desert

Spring and Yoga in the Tucson Desert
Desert Blue Bell Tucson Spring Yoga Phacelia Campanularia

As we move into April, I am thinking about simple ways to balance my body, mind, and heart as the season changes. There are various options from the Yogic perspective; diet and exercise adjustments, shifts to our daily routine, tweaks to or our meditation practice. What I am contemplating most, as usual, is the heart.

This poem fragment from Rainer Maria Rilke speaks to my heart:
It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.

That touches me deeply for some reason, and that touching feeling transports me to the reality of Spring. Spring as a felt experience. Spring as my child self. Spring as poems!

In the desert, Spring is special as it is our pause before the extreme heat. If we are mindful, we make the most of these mild days. We enjoy the ability to cease heating and/or cooling our homes, cars, offices. We sleep with the windows open. We enjoy the wild flowers. Pictured is a BlueBell from our lovely wildflower garden, compliments of Peter. Just yesterday I realized even the little flowers track the sun. Just today I noticed the lizard we call “Jacomo”, doing push-ups on the top edge of the back wall outside the kitchen window. Jacomo picture, awake from his winter hibernation!

My last thought regards the body. Many folks I know are preparing to enter a cleanse process with the very talented Ayurvedic practitioner Maria KaliMa. I will provide daily astrological insight for those participating in the cleanse. I am using the period to be extra mindful of what I eat, to take a course of special herbs, and to exercise a bit more before the heat asserts itself. Maybe I’ll actually do some push-ups!

A gem of teaching regarding discipline in eating:
…is a cause for celebration; therefore, accept it wholeheartedly, a little at a time. Make it yours. Let the word discipline become like a fragrant flower for you, so that every time you hear this word you think, ‘Ahhh. Intoxicating! It is so wonderful!’ Instead of cringing and contracting at the idea of discipline, let your being expand, let your heart run to embrace it. -Swami Chidvilasananda

Happy Spring! Natasha

Jacomo our Desert Spiny Lizard and Yoga Guru of Tucson (Sceloporus magister)

Jacomo our Desert Spiny Lizard (Sceloporus magister)

Natasha is a long time teacher and trainer of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness and has studied closely with some of the pioneers in her field.