Our Services

Our Services

logo Therapeutic Yoga Sessions

We practice together on a regular basis and so you feel the on-going affect yoga is having on your body & mind.  Practice is customized to your overall and specific needs, and ideas for self-practice are provided yet there is no expectation that you will practice regularly on your own.  This is ideal for those with very busy lifestyles and those who want more personal support with practice.

logo Therapeutic Yoga Program Design

A four session process which empowers you to undertake a personal therapeutic practice. The first session involves a multi-faceted assessment of current life-style, health practices, symptoms and goals. From here a personal yoga practice is designed and refined to assure the routine is effective and you are motivated to continue developing on your own.

logo Interactive Meditation Sessions

Meditation can be difficult, we often fall asleep or spin our mind. This interactive process provides greater support for the development of meditative stability and insight. This is especially effective for working with physical pain, negative emotions, and self-limiting thoughts.

logo Private MBSR Program

This process is designed to take individuals through the specific Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction MBSR training program. It delivers the same curriculum and materials, and requests the same amount of daily practice. Working in dialogue with each other, we will endeavor to increase your understanding of mindful awareness and enhance means to maintain and sustain mindfulness in daily life. This is ideal for people who cannot attend the group program due to their schedule, or prefer to have a customized experience.

logo Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is a process that supports your attunement to the presence and movement of Spirit in your life. Unlike counseling or coaching, the director’s main role is to be a witness and a mirror for your personal exploration towards a deepening relationship with the invisible and ineffable dimensions of being. Specific spiritual readings, reflective writing, meditation and prayer practices may also be offered to inform your direction.

logo Ceremonies

As an ordained Interfaith Minister I am available to officiate weddings, funerals, memorials, and rites of passage ceremonies. Interfaith is a spiritual orientation rather than a religious orientation, thus all ceremonies are designed to reflect the needs and beliefs of those that are seeking spiritual support. It is my intention simply to help you bring forth the abounding spiritual energy that is the backdrop of our transient existence.

logo Vedic Astrology

Foundational readings are the starting point for understanding how astrology works for you. Yearly readings give you insight and foresight into the year ahead. Compatibility readings shine light on important relationship dynamics. Astrology is also a powerful tool for choosing auspicious dates and times, for exploring holistic remedies, and for deepening self- knowledge and self-acceptance. Sessions are in person, via phone, or web chat, depending on location. All sessions are recorded digitally as MP3 audio files. A copy of your chart and written resources are also provided.


What our clients say about us

  • Yesterday's workshop was lovely and just what I needed. Of course, opening one's heart is always good but this week has been interesting and I appreciate the insight I gained from being able to focus on it with more awareness. I know I said I wanted to explore vulnerability but I realized it just comes down to trusting my heart.
  • Want to reiterate how much your classes (let alone philosophy and approach) meant to me and resonated with me.  Mindfully dynamic, therapeutic, restorative on every level. I am the lesser to lose you in my yoga life - which means really in that EVERY part of my life where, perhaps, somatic and spiritual wisdom can merge with my mental and emotional dimensions towards integration/wholeness/balance. And this 'ere groping soul can never have enough of your focus on that gentle awareness in each present moment, of valuing only the Now.”
  • The most profound insight that has come up for me in our process together is how to truly experience the ' feeling' sense of what is going on in my body.  Thinking and analyzing have always gotten in my way.   With Natasha as my trusted and skillful guide I have been able to access that feeling state, and what has truly been a breakthrough for me is that I have been able to tap into a place that I call  "pure being". When I am in this state, and able to stay with it, my intuition has been very clear. The sessions have been very powerful and often emotional.  It's fascinating how much information our bodies are giving us, and it's incredibly freeing to realize that our thoughts are only thoughts......and not who we truly are.
    EllyProfound Insight
  • I've been wanting to let you know how much I enjoyed and learned from the Shoulder Stand class!  It has opened my chest and neck and brought new awareness to that area, no matter what I am doing.  I loved going into it so thoroughly - from the anatomy to unlocking the subtle energy of the cervical area.  I think you have a gift for teaching in this manner.