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Yoga is both the movement towards and the arrival at our deepest ground of health and wellbeing.

In the yoga tradition, our intelligence is understood to reside in the heart.  This inborn intelligence is often depicted as a flame, and this flame can never be extinguished.

Yoga at Heart is an expression of this wisdom tradition, sometimes called Sanatana Dharma or the Eternal Path.   Sanatana Dharma is a perspective that helps us move intentionally and intuitively towards wholeness.  Yoga at Heart is neither a style nor brand of yoga, it is a spiritual orientation with Yoga at its base.

My Meditative Yoga classes, in Tucson, create and hold a space for people to deeply explore their individual practice. This is done without the necessity of deep physicality.  We will lean towards quieting the mind and to breathe with our bodies in the present moment.


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  • The most profound insight that has come up for me in our process together is how to truly experience the ' feeling' sense of what is going on in my body.  Thinking and analyzing have always gotten in my way.   With Natasha as my trusted and skillful guide I have been able to access that feeling state, and what has truly been a breakthrough for me is that I have been able to tap into a place that I call  "pure being". When I am in this state, and able to stay with it, my intuition has been very clear. The sessions have been very powerful and often emotional.  It's fascinating how much information our bodies are giving us, and it's incredibly freeing to realize that our thoughts are only thoughts......and not who we truly are.
    EllyProfound Insight
  • Want to reiterate how much your classes (let alone philosophy and approach) meant to me and resonated with me.  Mindfully dynamic, therapeutic, restorative on every level. I am the lesser to lose you in my yoga life - which means really in that EVERY part of my life where, perhaps, somatic and spiritual wisdom can merge with my mental and emotional dimensions towards integration/wholeness/balance. And this 'ere groping soul can never have enough of your focus on that gentle awareness in each present moment, of valuing only the Now.”
  • I've been wanting to let you know how much I enjoyed and learned from the Shoulder Stand class!  It has opened my chest and neck and brought new awareness to that area, no matter what I am doing.  I loved going into it so thoroughly - from the anatomy to unlocking the subtle energy of the cervical area.  I think you have a gift for teaching in this manner.
  • Yesterday's workshop was lovely and just what I needed. Of course, opening one's heart is always good but this week has been interesting and I appreciate the insight I gained from being able to focus on it with more awareness. I know I said I wanted to explore vulnerability but I realized it just comes down to trusting my heart.